There is incredible joy and freedom that comes when we live with purpose, and God's purpose for your life is greater than anything else on earth. At First Euless, you'll find people in their 40s and 50s that are discovering how we are uniquely gifted to make a difference in our homes, our jobs, and our world. God created us to do so much more than merely exist - He created us to thrive!

Make your life count!

Every second of your life is significant, and you choose how you will spend it. Join us as we discover God's purpose for our lives, how He can forever change the way we live, and how we have been empowered to impact the lives of the people around us. Connect with us this Sunday in Connection Groups, and let's pursue this amazing life together!



Bryan Cox

Next Steps/Median Adult Minister

office: 817-540-7469

Catie Payne

Administrative Assistant to Bryan Cox

office: 817.540.7466